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Phil Boggess
Estate Planning Law
"I would recommend that anyone who's looking to create a business and grow their law business should attend the Level Up Lawyer Live implementation event, because it's going to show you and walk you through the steps needed to create that business, free up your time to do more things that you want, and help more people."

Justin Camper
Business & Intellectual Property Law
"I would say that for any solo practitioner, or small practice firm, that you need to be here to take in the Level up Lawyer Live implementation.  It's going to really teach you skills and systems to put in place to help you grow your law practice, so that you can be a true business owner and not be tied down to your business."

Amber Waggoner
Family Law
"I would say to anybody that's considering coming to the Level Up Lawyer Live implementation event that -  especially for someone like me who has done stuff old school for a very long time - it is a great time to branch out and start learning some new technology because it will take a lot of the things that you're doing that take up so much of your time off of your plate, so that you can better serve your clients."

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